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Wishaw, North Lanarkshire

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Client: Private Owners Project
Location: Wishaw, North Lanarkshire
Contract Value: 90,000
Contract Period: 10 Weeks
Energy Efficiency Measures: External Wall Insulation
Property Types:

The properties were all three bedroom semi-bungalows.

The properties were of non-traditional Weir steel construction. These properties are constructed with an external steel façade on a timber frame.

To ensure the suitability of the substrate all external corners had the steel removed and the exposed timbers inspected and approved by the architect.

Summary of project

Everwarm identified a group of non-traditional built properties that would benefit from the application of external wall insulation in the Wishaw area of North Lanarkshire.

All of the households qualified as Super Priority Group under CERT and the work was carried out free of charge with no contribution required from the customer.

Funding Mechanism

The funding model for this project was very simple. All of the properties qualified for SPG

1.Utility Grant – Everwarm negotiated the carbon value of the works directly with SSE. The total cost f the works package was recovered from the utility through the SPG Flex scheme. This was a dedicated sum which allowed EWI to be installed on hard to treat properties provided they were categorised as Super Priority Group.

An example of the typical process for how we manage contracts with home owners in the private sector is detailed in the flowchart below.

Stage 1 - Scheme design and cost plan prepared for client acceptance

  • Construction cost prpeared and technical specification agreed
  • Funding streams calculated and quantified to each party
  • Memo of agreement signed on contract basis

Stage 2 - Householder communication opens

  • Homeowners contacted via letter by Everwarm
  • Social tennants contacted via letter
  • Private landlords contacted via letter
  • Community workshop held to discuss the project with all parties

Stage 3 - Contracts agreed

  • All properties contractually commit either via direct contact or via housing association
  • HEEPS eligability notified for ringfencing budgets as committed spend with property list
  • Deposits were required from owners are collected

Stage 4 - Contract commencement and completion

  • Contract programme agreed with each householder
  • Pre and post completion photographic surveys carried out
  • EPC completed
  • ECO eligibility process adopted
  • Guarantees issued


Other Associated Works
As the project was 100% owner occupiers there was a range of alterations and additions that had been made to their properties that had to be worked around. These included conservatories, garages, access ramps, sheds and extensions. This required the site manager to ensure that he had allowed for any alterations or additional work necessary to complete the work within the programmed dates.

Issues and solutions
As the project did not benefit from any UHIS funding and relied on only CERT and customer contributions there was a challenge to ensure that the works would be affordable for able to pay clients... Solution... by targeting SPG qualifiers for the first tranche of work we were able to cross-subsidise the work to the able to pay group while ensuring that the SPG group received the work free of charge.

Tenure Mix

All of the properties in this project were privately owned and qualified for the CERT Super Priority Group.

This resulted in the means testing of the grant applications, carried out by Everwarm to ensure the best package for each householder. In many cases of SPG it was a FREE scheme

  • Privately owned - 9 - 100%
  • Privately rented - 0 - 0%

In common with all of our EWI projects we followed the same 5 stage process for engaging with the private sector:

In common with all of our EWI projects we followed the same 5 stage process for engaging with the private sector:

Stage 1 - Customer letter Issued with price

  • Letterhead content agreed by all parties
  • Letters issued with Everwarm response telephone

Stage 2 - Householder makes appointment for survey

  • Customer gets construction EPC to satisfy ECO
  • Carbon saving calculated by property type
  • Customer contribution explained

Stage 3 - Contracts agreed

  • Customer receives contract via email and post
  • Housing Association were involved contract with Everwarm under MOU
  • Everwarm collate all sign uups and communicate to all parties the scheme uptake

Stage 4 - Contract commencement and completion

  • Householder received a pre start walk in survey and agrees the contract duration with the Liason Manager
  • Render colours are selected and gas flu actions are programmed

Post completion activity

  • Quality inspection by clerk of works and/or architect
  • Operations and maintenance manual provided
  • SWIGA application made which goes direct to homeowner
  • Final balance collected