Alpha Energy Storage Systems are used to capture electricity produced by both renewable and non-renewable resources and store it to use when required.

The system allows users to go off-grid or switch to stored electricity at a time most beneficial, giving greater flexibility and control of your energy consumption.

Storion SMILE5

Power storage - 5 kW hybrid inverter, 5.5 - 33 kWh usable storage capacity, integrated EMS and two PV connections incl. 5 years all-risk insurance.

Intelligent. Flexible. Independently.

  • Lithium iron phosphate batteries with metal cells and a long service life
  • Compatible as a new installation and retrofitting (AC / DC / hybrid coupling)
  • Maximizing self-consumption of PV
  • Save money on utility bills
  • Back-up power during blackout periods
  • Energy independence from grid reliance
  • Environmentally friendly

The market for energy storage is growing at a rapid pace, driven by declining prices and supportive government policies. Overwhelmingly, people want to save money and have greater control of their power use.

With energy prices continuing to rise, it makes sense that families, businesses and utilities look to store energy, they are producing and use it later in the day, reducing their energy bills.

Why Alpha ESS?
With patented technology, 7 years of professional experience in the industry and various cost-effective solutions to meet all demand, we listen to you and deliver what you need. We are pursuing an ambitious goal to build an energy internet where everyone can produce their own energy and support the community.

Alpha Company Overview
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