Following the success of the initial Phase 1A of the Green Homes Grant Scheme, the government have reviewed and released Phase 1B

Phase 1B sees a further £300m in funding being made available to help Local Authorities address energy efficiency within their most vulnerable communities across England. Following the ethos of the first phase, there are key differences in eligibility.

Eligible Measures
Funding must only be provided in relation to eligible measures. Eligible measures are any energy efficiency and heating measures compatible with the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) that will help improve EPC Band D, E, F or G rated homes. This includes, but is not limited to, measures such as wall, loft and underfloor insulation, as well as low carbon technologies and solar photovoltaics.

This is with the exception of fossil fuel heating systems. One of the core objectives of this scheme is to support progress for the UK to reach its Net Zero target by 2050. Therefore, fossil fuel measures, such as the installation of a new fossil fuel-based heating system, or the replacement or repair of an existing fossil fuel-based heating system with another fossil fuel-based heating system, are not in scope.

Everwarm have the capability to install the energy efficient measures previously highlighted. It is therefore our intention where possible to approach each project with a partnered approach. All insulation works are fully certified to TrustMark regulatory standards, including all other primary measures such as air source heat pumps, and secondary measures including glazing, and doors.

In addition to the LAD funding, Everwarm has bilateral agreements that allows direct access to funding from the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme. No ECO claim can be made for a measure funded by LAD, however other measures to the same property can be supported by ECO funding.

Everwarm are uniquely positioned to assist local authorities with their bids for LAD funding. We are registered with Trustmark for our wide range of insulation systems and are MCS accredited for renewables.

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