Milnbank Housing Association

Everwarm worked in partnership with Milnbank Housing Association and Glasgow City Council to deliver a programme of improvements to 172 privately-owned homes in the area.

The properties involved were all pre-1919 four-storey sandstone tenements, with particularly poor energy efficiency performance levels.

It was important to all stakeholders that the look of the buildings was not compromised by our works, so we carefully designed a hybrid system with a mix of internal and external wall insulation solutions. We installed external wall insulation (EWI) on the rear and gable elevations, which were of poorer quality stonework. (This is also where the kitchens and bathrooms were generally located, which in itself allowed us to avoid the condensation problems internal insulation can cause in high-humidity areas). Internal wall insulation (IWI) was carried out on front elevations. Both insulation systems were fully BBA approved.

As around 20% of Haghill properties are owned and let by private landlords, combating ‘no access’ was a key consideration for us. We planned appointments many weeks in advance and made several checks on suitability before the day.

Following the success of the first four phases of these works, we’re currently in discussions with Milnbank Housing Association for a fifth phase.

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