Using our considerable expertise, we provide our public and private sector clients with accurate,
up-to-date and relevant energy information.

Our energy advice and audits service means our clients are able to make informed decisions on how to cut their energy use, negotiate new energy contracts and upgrade inefficient systems – in turn allowing significant savings to be made and re-invested.

By carrying out detailed audits of all selected buildings, we gather and analyse site data to identify potential savings. As part of the delivery of energy performance contracts (EnPCs), we frequently carry out in-depth investment grade audits (IGAs), where we provide a wide range of information, including proposed measures and forecasted carbon savings.

Through these audits, we develop an in-depth understanding of the specific challenges you face, and can tailor a proposal specifically to meet your needs. As an organisation that offers a complete end-to-end service, we’re able to deliver all measures, full handover and maintenance package and continually track each installation's performance throughout the measurement and verification (M&V) stage.