Everwarm has a preferred supplier list (PSL) in place for the provision of recruitment services.

The current vacancies advertised on this website are for candidates to apply direct to Everwarm. Where we are unable to fill a vacancy in this way, our HR department will enlist the help of the recruitment agencies from our PSL.

We receive a lot of interest and calls from recruitment agencies. Whilst we appreciate your interest in supporting Everwarm, we cannot respond to all enquiries.

We do have a preferred supplier list for the provision of recruitment services and we will not accept unsolicited CVs from suppliers not currently on our PSL, including agencies on Sureserve Group PSL. Therefore, Everwarm will not enter any commercial undertaking with any recruitment agencies on the basis of speculative CVs or general enquiries.

All CVs from our PSL must be submitted to the Everwarm HR department in response to a request to recruit or they will not be recognised as an introduction to Everwarm. We will not accept CVs submitted through any other method, including sent directly to individual departments and/or managers. Continued unsolicited approaches will affect our decision to consider your interest in working with Everwarm and the Sureserve Group in the future.

Only agencies on Everwarm’s PSL can provide CVs and we reserve the right to add candidate details from unsolicited CVs from non-PSL agencies, including agencies on Sureserve Group PSL but non-PSL for Everwarm, into our own recruitment records, with no obligation to the agency concerned in terms of costs, charges, recruitment fees, or other liabilities concerning any recruitment agencies.