Alongside the recent growth of innovative technologies in the non-domestic market, energy storage solutions have become a very attractive option for clients who are looking to improve their renewable energy self-consumption while reducing their utility bills.

Energy storage systems allow building users to capture electricity produced by both renewable and non-renewable resources and store it for use when it’s needed most. Crucially, the system allows users to go ‘off grid’ and use stored energy at periods of peak demand, giving greater flexibility and control. Other benefits include:

  • Clients can often avoid the upgrade of transformer capacity to supply the peaks of highly variable loads, further saving on running costs
  • Storage systems act as a back-up for the load supply if there’s a power outage, again benefitting from going ‘off grid’
  • Facilities can create smart/micro grids by coordinating various power generation sources

All the units we install meet the highest H&S standards, with battery chemistry a clear priority. Integrated liquid cooling and heating systems for thermal safety is key; electrical risks are also mitigated through the use of low voltage units with lithium-ion cells.

Our experience extends to the installation of combined solar photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage solutions. The graphs below outline how a battery system maximises PV generation and avoids energy being wasted at times of low demand during the sunniest times of the day:

As an added benefit, this exciting technology offers the opportunity for accurate data to be stored and analysed, through the installation of expert monitoring equipment.

At a commercial scale we have close links with consultants who develop large-scale battery storage solutions for commercial use. Through them we can access funding for our clients that can support the capital cost in return for a share of savings / profits from the installation over the longer term.

We already have strong relationships in place with market-leading suppliers – Tesla, Alpha and Sonnen, to name a few. As an approved installer for all the above manufacturers, we’re able to safeguard the quality of installations for their entire product range.

With Everwarm, you’ll benefit from a management team that’s constantly up-to-date with the newest market developments – allowing you to benefit from the most innovative products.

Energy Storage Brochure

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