London Fire Brigade

Over a period of five months, Everwarm worked collaboratively with the London Fire Brigade to install 7kW fast charging EVCP units to 75 fully operational fire stations within Greater and Central London.

One unit was installed at each station. All were dual head 3-phase units with two parking bays to allow each unit to be used by two drivers at one time. Our prescribed survey process allowed us to gain all the information we needed to carry out the works and plan the exact location of each unit. For example, our surveys identified that some older, smaller stations only had the capacity for single-phase installations, so we tailored our specification to suit.

As the majority of the EVCPs were designed to be used by both staff and the public, we made sure that unit location would minimise disruption to the workplace. As a result, EVCPs were located at the rear of the station, away from training and practice grounds within the station perimeter.

During installation, we were also careful to minimise disruption wherever possible. Works were scheduled considerately, taking into consideration issues like ‘watch change’ time and training schedules.

Where the electrical supply had to be interrupted in order to carry out the works, this was programmed to suit the station managers’ schedule. All workers were informed in advance that the station itself would be taken out of service for a temporary period. Key to the success of the project was close communication between ourselves, London Fire Brigade and station managers at each location.

All installations were completed on time and within budget. They contributed towards the city’s ‘Green Route’, providing EV drivers with public-facing charge points throughout the boroughs of London.

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