With the recent growth of innovative technologies, battery storage solutions have become a very attractive option.

By installing a battery storage system, homeowners will be able to charge their battery system with cheaper electricity during off-peak hours in the evening, and use this electricity the following day during more expensive peak hours. This has the potential to create considerable savings on monthly fuel expenses. Additionally, a portion of the battery capacity can be used as a back-up in case of a power cut.

For those who already have solar PV installed, a battery storage system offers further benefits. Peak energy generation for PV often coincides with the lowest energy usage hours; with a battery system this energy can be stored and used later. On top of this, the unit can be used to store surplus energy which would otherwise be fed to back to the grid at a fixed-rate. This ensures you get maximum value for your investment, and the lowest possible fuel bills.

And for social housing providers, this exciting technology offers the opportunity for accurate data to be stored and analysed, through the installation of expert monitoring equipment.

Ultimately, use our considerable expertise in electrical and renewable works to ensure our clients get the most out of their new battery storage solutions.